Once in a Blue Moon - Luciano Biondini & Klaus Falschlunger

  • Top of the World Album - british musicmagazine „Songlines“ 8/2021 „...two musicians in their musical prime. Inventive, intriguing and wonderful.“ - James Roroston
  • „After 40 minutes the album is over. I wished it would last 40 hours.“ – Hans Jürgen Schaal in „Fidelty“ 3/2021
  • Accordionist Luciano Biondini and sitar player Klaus Falschlunger are among those musicians who are always looking for a meeting point of different musical traditions and styles.
    On their first album “Once In A Blue Moon” the two artists are exploring the possibilities to shift the boundaries and find a mix between Indian music, jazz, pop and folk
    – music filled with poetry, energy and fine humour.
  • Duo Line up:
    Luciano Biondini – accordion
    Klaus Falschlunger - sitar, konnakol
  • Trio Line up:
    Luciano Biondini – accordion
    Klaus Falschlunger - sitar, konnakol
  • Niti Rajan Biswas – tabla & percussion
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Once in a Blue Moon - Teaser


New program – Saraswati String Quartett

Circle for Circle

  • Three strings & a sitar
  • Line up:
  • Lydia Kurz - violine & viola
  • Irina Zehm - violoncello
  • Clemens Rofner - kontrabass
  • Klaus Falschlunger - sitar


New program - Zoltan Lantos & Klaus Falschlunger – Mountains and Plains

Noah´s First Breath - live

  • The multi-award-winning Hungarian violinist Zoltan Lantos and Klaus Falschlunger, one of the most distinguished European sitar players, hold an extensive dialogue with their instruments. With their new program "Mountains and Plains" they explore Western and Eastern musical traditions. They make connections between Indian and Jazz music, folk and pop and convince with a fascinating mixture of exotic and familiar sounds!


Do you know the way?

  • new song & video in the Austrian Alps ...


L.Biondini & K.Falschlunger

„Once In A Blue Moon“

„Incredible World“