Klaus Falschlunger - Sitar Solo

  • „Sitar Diaries“ – sitar&loops

  • >Klaus Falschlunger is building bridges between indian music, Jazz, Pop and Folk.
    His musical expressions from his solo-opus „Sitar Diaries“ are a special soundexpierence!
  • „Musik & Silence“ – sitar solo

  • The name is program. Indian Ragas and original compositions are going hand in hand with moments in silence – a meditative listening-experience!


Klaus Falschlunger „INDIAN AIR“

Since his first awareness of Indian music and the sitar more than 20 years ago, the Austrian musician Klaus Falschlunger has become a master of the instrument and an active representative of the Indo-European scene in Europe.

The whole emotional spectrum of the musician´s inner world comes alive in "INDIAN AIR". He is accompanied by Clemens Rofner on doublebass, and by the percussionist Tobias Steinberger on framedrums/ric/kanjira.

Line up:
Clemens Rofner (doublebass), Tobias Steinberger (perc), Klaus Falschlunger (sitar)



EASTEND, a Project founded in 2017 create a unique sound, joining  Indian sitar, voice, drums and electronics.
Internationally renowned austrian sitar-virtuoso Klaus Falschlunger initiated the project with jazz vocalist Heidi Erler and drummer Christian Unsinn.
Their first album titled “Morning Tide” will be released on CD in autumn 2018, combining eastern-inspired compositions with punchy grooves and jazz-tinged vocals.

  • Line up:
    Klaus Falschlunger (sitar)
    Heidi Erler (voc, keys)
    Christian Unsinn (drums, fx, keys)